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How to delete your social media

Social media doesn't have to be bad. It doesn't have to be addictive, depressing, or destructive. But as long as it pays to sell your data, steal your attention, and incite outrage, then nothing will change.

The best way to effect change is to delete your accounts.

Not convinced? Read – Why you should quit social media

Do it now. You won't regret it — nobody ever does.


Facebook does not want you to delete your account, not one bit.

Quick Help → Search → Type: 'delete account' → How do I delete my account → log into your account and let us know → Enter Password

Or you can just click on this button and follow the instructions:

Note: this will send a ‘request’ to delete your account, your account won't be deleted for 30 days. If you log into your account during this period of time it will be reactivated.

Think of all you'll achieve with the hours you'll save.


Instagram cannot be deleted from within the app, instead you must login on their website. Click this link and follow the instructions to delete your account:

Say goodbye to endlessly scrolling through garbage.


login → click profile → setting and privacy → scroll to the bottom of the page → deactivate → enter your password → deactivate account

You account will be deleted 30 days after it's been deactivated. It's important you don't login during this 30 days.

Never be trolled again.


To delete Snapchat click the link below and follow the instructions:

Who cares what other people are having for lunch?


WhatsApp, while not really a social network, is owned by Facebook; it collects data to feed the beast. To be rid of Facebook entirely you must delete WhatsApp.

open whatsapp → settings → delete my account

If you're looking an alternative to WhatsApp, one that will respect your privacy, try Telegram.

Wipe that smug smile of Zuckerberg's face

Delete LinkedIn:

login → settings → account management → closing your LinkedIn account → select a reason for leaving → enter your password → confirm

Avoiding distractions is good for your career.

Everything Else:

If there's are any other accounts you'd like to delete you can probably find the instructions here : Just Delete Me

Congratulations, you're free.


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