The prod web extension is free, and always will be. But it has real value, so I'd like you to pay for it.

There are apps for iOS and Android in the works. These apps will cost real money, and will serve as add-ons to the web extension.

But until then, you can pay for prod, by doing the following…

Share Prod

prod's purpose is to help fix your relationship with the internet, particularly addictive social media sites.

So while i'm happy for you to share prod on social media, I'd also ask that you think of a friend (or two, or three, or ten) who would really benefit from using prod and share it with them in person, on the phone, in an email, or a direct message.

Give Feedback

I really want prod to be the best it can be, so your feedback is highly appreciated.

Review Prod

Give prod a positive review on the chrome web store or the firefox add-ons site

Thank You

— Nathaniel