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”This is the perfect productivity app: simple yet powerful.“
”Best to-do list I've ever used. I love how it opens on each new tab and is so simple and clear.“
”Clean, easy to start using right away. What else can you want?“
”Great app with a great UX and a sleek design. Time to get work done :)“
”I needed this app so much. Thank you, it's perfect.“

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Prod isn't just a combined to-do list and site blocker. Every aspect of prod has been designed to make productivity easier and time-wasting harder. Here's a run down of some of prod's features, and how they'll help you fight distractions…

site blocking and redirect

Ever find yourself ready to work, but somehow you end up infinitely scrolling twitter or facebook? Prod puts an end to reflexively searching addictive sites.

Make a list of time-wasting sites. Prod will block those sites and redirect you back to your to-do list. Once you've completed your tasks, you'll be able to visit them again.

new tab to-do list

Prod replaces each new tab with your to-do list. It's simple, intuitive, and all saved locally on your device. No need to login.

recurring tasks + calendar

prod lets you easily create lists of recurring tasks — your morning routine, a bi-weekly call, or a second last day of every seventh month excercise routine. prod also has a simple calendar for adding one-off future tasks.

Recurring tasks will automatically be added to your to-do list. So the thoughtful and wise now you can stop the stupid future you from ruining everything.


Prod isn't just a strict tool to block distractions. Prod is designed to help you build productive habits. When prod blocks a website and redirects you back to your work. You'll be met with a pair of eyes looking deep into your soul.

an old man's eyes looking directly at you

Seeing a pair of eyes makes you feel watched, and so, more conscious of your actions. You will quickly become aware of your unconscious habit of visiting addictive websites.

focus on the present

You can't get back all the time you've lost, so the past doesn't exist in prod. Instead yesterday's unfinished tasks are added to today, and all completed tasks are gone forever.

Plan for the future. Focus on the present.

lots more

Prod has lots more tricks designed to keep you on task (and even more coming soon). The best way to find out how it works is to start using it.

It's free and you can get going in minutes.

Get prod now for Google Chrome and Firefox